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Allow us to be your single source for Web hosting. Our range of offerings start with a very low-priced plan designed for personal, hobby, family, club pages, etc. under our domain name, to a "Personal" plan, all the way to a plan designed to host large volumes of traffic for large corporations. Whether you are just looking to have a site on the web with basic pages, or need a comprehensive list of features such as CyberCash®, shopping carts, Microsoft® FrontPage® extensions, database requirements, or more, we have a hosting plan that is right for you!

Personal Pages, Family Pages, Business Card Pages, School Pages, Hobby Pages, Community Pages, etc.  for  $16.60  per month  Contact us for details

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Websites Online™, Inc. Starters Plans

Our Web Solutions offer some of the best value around. The Family Connection is committed to seeing that everyone, no matter how limited in resources, may have a web presence. We believe that it isn't necessary to be an expert in web design and web hosting to have a presence on the WWW. We make every effort to help you through the maze of the internet and lend you a hand every step of the way.


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* $15/year for your Domain name (www.yourname.com)

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A D D I T I O N A L     P R I C I N G     I N F O R M A T I O N
*Monthly Cost: 6-month minimum contract
One time Setup Fee: Fee applies to new accounts as well as upgrades/downgrades
Excess Data Transfer: $0.07 / MB / mo.
Additional Disk Space: $0.80 / MB / mo. (in blocks of 5 MB)
Additional disk space is limited to the following amounts: Personal - 100MB, Professional - 200MB, Corporate - 300MB, Enterprise - 500MB, High Volume - 1000MB. If you require more disk space than the listed maximum, please contact our customer care department.
POP Accounts: $1.60 each per month
Email Forwarding: $0.80 each per month
Autoresponders: $0.80 each per month

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